About Us


Elite Four was a vision to bring a community atmosphere back into the Pokemon TCG scene in Australia. We believe that by setting a new level of standards that everyone will be more inclined to share in our passion and spread the positivity and memories to people of all backgrounds and ages.  

We are a family run business that has three pillars of vision;


We believe that customers are the ones that need to be treated the best as they are the ones that help keep food on the table for ourselves and the kids. The ones that have helped us through some bad times and also given us opportunities we never thought were possible. For these reasons and many more, we want to focus on YOU!


We are family run, honest hard working and respectful people that just want to provide an elevated experience when purchasing from us. Always transparent and more than happy to share with the community that has given us so much. 


As a smaller country relative to the rest of the world, we understand that we have a population that sometimes isn't large enough to warrant enough stock, cheaper wholesale prices and logistical issues as we are on an island. We at Elite Four believe that by offering the cheapest shipping rates and prices on goods, we can foster a community driven growth to catalyse a wider interest for our hobbies. We want our passions to pass on to generations to come.



We offer three key aspects that we believe we do best in Australia. 


In the day and age where fake and proxy cards are becoming more and more frequent, we have dedicated a strict series of policies to ensure that no product that is sold by us, is ever going to be inauthentic or A-Grade fakes. We personally deliver this service to each and every order so you can rest assured that buying from us is safer than anywhere else. 

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

Although we are small team, we still believe that being available for our customers around the clock is vital to growing trust and a long term relationship. We are available through all channels anytime, anywhere. Whether it's a question about your order or about new stock coming in, we're always available! 


All orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours of an order being received and confirmed. Order before 2pm for same day dispatch in Metro areas. Thanks to our relationship with Australia Post, we are proud to offer customers discounted rates for shipping domestically.